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April 12, 2008

2nd Version!

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The 2nd version of RDEP is NOW OPEN!!!!!!

The theme was


RDEP is awesome! but dont take my word for it go see it for yourself at:


Hope to see you there!


April 11, 2008

Sneak Peek

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Here’s my checklist of whats left to do

  1. Finish Four **NEW** Pages
  2. Add New Cursor
  3. Add new scrollbars
  4. Add new backrounds to ALL pages
  5. Change some text to match the theme
  6. New Comment Boards On Pages
  7. Finishing touchs

Then its OPEN AGAIN!

Anyways… on to the next thing! You guys want to the theme is right? We’ll I’ll tell you…


Every day, or so ill leave a clue here of what the theme will be:

HINT #1: Gray Clouds

HINT #2: Around your neck


April 9, 2008

Lost Chances

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Because i couldn’t trust A LOT OF YOU. The piczo is now LOCKED! I will choose my own color and will delete the poll. I was serious, but OBVIOUSLY people didn’t take me as serious. The piczo will open again soon, and i hope in the meanwhile some of you will learn to FOLLOW direction.

April 8, 2008


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Ya sorry I’ve been closing and re-opening over and over! Its just that: I cant seem to find the right look for RDEP! I know light blue is the main color of my blog, why shouldn’t it? I mean its proven that light blue calms the brain, This writing is a yellowish shade, yellow is suppose to help you think, i think.

Ok so here’s the big deal, Rubber Duckies Eating Pie will be closed for about a few days until I can find the right direction I want it to go in! Also while its closed PUH-LEAZ, do NOT use the page button at the top of the page, to view my pages! I would remove it but I need it…. don’t ask why its hard to explain and half of you people wouldn’t understand (I explain things weirdly XD)

Also I’ll be working on some new pages and stuff and delete stuff I dont need! But here’s what I want you to do! Go to http://evilrubberduckies949.piczo.com/ and cast your vote on what YOU want the main color of RDEP to be! Its already blue, maybe a change of color would lighten things up? The options are calm colors, not colors like red that make you alert all the time and hurt your eyes!


April 5, 2008


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The page “Music” was published today, thank you for your music suggestions!

A new page will be published soon “The RDAC Handbook”

We decided to give you an except from the handbook:

“…All RDAC Members should be prepared with the following…”

April 3, 2008


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As most of you know, I left this site to continue my piczo at:


However, I couldn’t let this site go to waste! This is now the developer blog for my piczo. (FANTASTIC idea from alex http://ahft.piczo.com/ )

Ok on to piczo news:

Currently my piczo is under construction and will be undergoing a “grand re-opening” Friday April 4th. (You might want to go on my piczo Friday April 4th, you will soon learn why)

Also soon i’ll launch a music page, as soon as i have some good music (Any suggestions?)

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